Glance at Baltimore

Recently, President Donald Trump tweeted about the City of Baltimore in response to Representative Elijah Cummings heavy critics on the Mexican United States handling and conditions. President Trump blatantly called Baltimore City one of the worst worst districts in the United States in addition to it being disgusting, dangerous and horribly infested by rodents. 

While some of these claims can be perceived as undeniably true, there is a greater context to the city of Baltimore’s troubles then the President comments. Baltimore City does suffer from a large poor population and many of its areas are very well not in the most pristine place. But the comparison the President is trying to make between the Southern Border and City of Baltimore does not in help both places improve their conditions in any way. There are many problems that exist both at the border and in Baltimore and while some may be more severe then others, the fact remains that each has their own issues to face with their own solutions to implement. The people of Baltimore are a proud people who are very well aware of the problems that plague the city. Everyday, people work hard in Baltimore to make their city better and more livable whether it be a small neighborhood clean up effort to a large scale reconstruction effort, the people are trying to improve. Identifying the problems of a situation is certainly important to dealing with it but doing so to deflect the problems of another area is simply irresponsible. 

President Trump should perhaps pay more attention to the efforts that the good people of Baltimore are doing to improve their city instead of calling out its flaws. If he wants to help we ask that he look at projects like Civic Works in Baltimore. They have been doing everything they can for decades to revitalize the community by training convicts coming back into society, rebuilding abandoned neighborhoods, and helping young students advance in fields like medicine. Baltimore City is no paradise and the Southern border is not either but identifying the problems of each and addressing them is the only way to improve their conditions. 

Allen Orpiano