Looking Past the Circus Ring

Last Tuesday Robert Mueller finally sat down across from Congress in a grueling 6 hours of questioning where the Americans learned absolutely nothing that was already available via the Mueller report, just as Mueller said would happen after.

While both sides behaved as one could expect aiming to create the perfect sound bytes and red meat to feed to their base, everyone in the middle collectively rolled their eyes wondering why this two year ordeal is still going on. We need to face the truth, a majority of Americans find the investigation fair, no matter what side of the aisle their on and a majority of Americans don’t want the House to begin impeachment proceedings. Many Democrat candidates are unsurprisingly raising impeachment concerns in order to court more of the progressive wing of the party heading into the primaries, but Pelosi is right to think that doing such a thing would likely end badly for Democrats. “Russiagate” is quickly going to turn into the “Benghazi” of Trump’s presidency, and Democrats need to shift their focus going into the 2020 election.

Many of his critics wrongly think Trump has no chance of winning his re-election, citing his current approval rating in the low 40s, forgetting that around this time in President Obama’s first term he also had a similarly “record low” approval rating as well. They also forget that Trump only needed 46% of the popular vote in order to win the election in the first place, making the gap between his approval and winning a mere 4%. There is plenty in the Trump administration to criticize, and Democrats are going to need a new plan going into the election.

Trump has always been a brash and rude character, ridiculing his opponents and making thousands of hyperbolic claims that he knows doesn’t represent reality. All of this has been known well before his entering the political sphere, and was constantly brought up in the lead up to the 2016 election, which raises the question as to why Democrats keep on this line of attack after its already failed. We need to face the truth, the economy isn’t that bad right now, and whatever reasons might make that true, it will be the strongest asset for Trump going into 2020, and without a new Democratic vision as to how they will be even better stewards of the economy, it is unlikely they will be able to court rural white voters in states such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan

By Jacob Facemire

Research Deputy of the Pluralism Project

Twitter: Jacob_Facemire

The Pluralism Project is devoted to increasing diversity in politics. We believe that politicians should represent all of society not just the vested interest. We need and appreciate your support. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date, and please show your support by liking, commenting, and retweeting your favorite tweets!

Jacob Facemire