This is How We Treat Our Own

Immigration control has been a long lasting issue that has plagued the United States for some time. Currently, under President Trump, much media attention and focus has been placed upon the situation south of the US’s southern border and the respective agents of the US’s immigration and border services. Many migrants come from countries experiencing their own political or social turmoil such as Honduras or Mexico hoping to find safe refuge in the US. As a result, some US citizens and officials have claimed that the less civil and more criminal elements of these countries are the ones trying to come in the US. This has further led to racial tensions and subsequent issues of proper rights and treatment of migrants in the US.

While many may have conflicting opinions on how to best tackle the immigration problem, the recent case of Francisco Erwin Galicia, a Dallas-born U.S. citizen, has cast a dark light of how conditions in current immigration holding facilities are like. Mr Galicia was arrested by immigration officers because of their alleged skepticism of the young man and their groups credibility as US legals. As a result, Mr. Galicia was placed in a detention facility which he claimed to have conditions so horrid that he almost wanted to deport himself. People were crammed 20 at a time in tight cells with cold hard floors with sanitation and proper hygiene being almost completely disregarded. Regardless of one’s thoughts on the immigration issue as a whole, the fact that a US citizen with proper credentials was doubted and arrested in a facility so inhumane that literal ticks were feeding on the people incarcerated is beyond absurd. For many within the United States and abroad, such treatment and apparent cruelty to those facing this kind of situation is outright unacceptable and shameful on the US’s.

The United States is well known for its championing of equal rights and fair conditions for all but the mere existence of such detention centers along the border all but discredits these ideals. No person deserves to be held in such conditions and something must be done to help alleviate the suffering of people. Hopefully the US government and border control agency is able to find a solution that solves these injustices and uphold their standards for equality and justice for all.

By Andrew Orpiano

Research Deputy of the Pluralism Project


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Allen Orpiano