Our Programs


Candidate Trainings

 The Pluralism Project provides trainings to candidates for public office. Our focus is on candidates who offer a diverse perspective and have from a uniquely American narrative with an emphasis on bringing Americans together in these trying times. 


We work with our partners to advocate on issues vital to our democracy that we believe in, including healthcare reform, a fair minimum wage, civil rights, protection for immigrants and religious freedom. 


We endorse candidates at the statewide, local and federal level. Our focus Is on candidates committed to upholding American values of pluralism, civil rights and a responsible government. We pay special attention to candidates with personally unique and diverse narratives in politics. 

Town Hall Project

During the 2020 election cycle, we are planning a series of town halls in battleground counties and states. Rather than focusing on persuading Americans to vote one way or another, the Town Halls will focus on conversations around the issues affecting everyday people.