Phillip battista

Phillip Battista is a recent graduate of the University of New Orleans with a Masters in Political Science and previously received a Masters in US History from Duquesne University.  He has worked for the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center and has led multiple political and Quality of Life (QoL) surveys. Most recently he led the Jefferson Parish QoL survey and wrote extensively on the 2015 gubernatorial election of John Bel Edwards.  In between teaching political science, researching for the UNO-SRC, he assisted in the development of program evaluations for multiple governmental programs.

His research interests include: labor politics, race relations, urban politics, and the development of the career politician on which he has written extensively on during his studies.

He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jacob Facemire.png

Jacob Facemire

Jacob Facemire is an alumni of UMBC’s prestigious Political Science program. He is excited to be working for the Pluralism Project in his role as a research intern, with the main focus currently on our ongoing Pivot Project, a study to better understand voting trends in 2016 and the collapse of the Obama coalition in certain areas. During his time at UMBC, Jacob focused his studies on constitutional law, the history of Supreme Court jurisprudence, and international relations.

As an undergraduate Jacob worked producing research in these fields when he wasn't busy in his role as a two-term Debate Club president, an organization he led teaching younger students about argumentation, logical thought, and politics, all well teaching them the most important facet of debate: having fun. In this role Jacob worked to cultivate effective and confident speakers, working with them to overcome the near-universal fear of public speaking, in hopes of improving their abilities to lead class discussions, improve their academic abilities, and broadening their minds. 


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Allen orpiano

Born in Davao City, the Philippines, Allen moved to the United States at the very young age of 4 years old with my parents. He spent most of my life in the states growing up with a mix of American and Filipino culture. Being a foreigner to the US, he came to greatly appreciate the opportunity his parents had to come to this country and have been very thankful since. He has lived in the Baltimore area almost his whole life and as a result am quite familiar with the city and its surroundings. Career wise, he has always wanted to be humanitarian work since he was young due to my families special opportunity to come to the US. He and his family would always send gifts and packages back to the Philippines were things were less abundant in the states.  As such he decided to pursue Political Science as my major at UMBC where he will graduate in 2020. He is also currently employed with AmeriCorps Literacy Lab were he will be tutoring kindergarten to 3rd graders in basic literature skills in Baltimore City.