Our Mission

Investing in Our Democracy.


 America today is in crisis. Our values and way of life are under attack by enemies both foreign and domestic. Countless domestic terror attacks have rocked our shores in the past few years, and violence against everyday people has risen dramatically. Our constitutional freedoms are under threat, and Congress is deadlocked between those who care about making a difference, and those who are profiting from the breakdown of the American family. We need to stand together in these desperate times.

The Pluralism Project was founded with the express intent to help Americans remember who we are: E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, we are one. Be you a soy farmer in Kansas or a busboy in New York City, we share a common bond and story: we are America. Our country was built on the idea that people who disagree can come together and find meaningful compromises as we further to advance the American Dream. But that dream is under threat today, and we need brave new leadership in Congress, the White House and at the state and local levels to deliver prosperity and peace to our people.

We advocate for a progressive future for America that focuses on dialogue and communication between the left, right and middle. We endorse and work to elect candidates who believe in those ideals, and are committed to upending the status quo of silence and inside-the-beltway shenanigans that have brought the good and hardworking people of our country to their knees in despair of the injustice, inequality and violence that today terrorizes the land of the free and home of the brave. 

But we need the help of everyday Americans to take our country back. Please join our e-mail list and consider making a monthly contribution to help us fight for our democracy, because freedom isn't free--and neither is our webhosting.  Together, we can remind the world that, Out of Many, America is One.