We Make Peace With Our Adversaries, Not Our Friends.

For Immediate Release



The Pluralism Project expresses its sincere concern and worry in light of the Netanyahu administration’s decision to deny entry to Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into Israel. This decision does not reflect the spirit of dialogue and conversation with adversaries that Israel has sought since its re-founding in 1948. We call on the Israeli government to reverse its decision with immediate effect, and for the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to personally meet with Representatives Tlaib and Omar in order to foster dialogue and better understanding between both sides. 

The Talmud instructs us in Baba Metzia 32B to assist one’s adversary before assisting one’s self on the basis that doing so will help suppress the “evil urge” of both parties. This is the true and correct approach Israel should take to dialogue and the opportunity to win over hearts and minds. 

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Hamza Khan